Building community and friendships

What & Why?

Connections are simply a place to get to know one another and build community! Currently we have two different connections; Men's & Women's. We gather to share a meal, hang out, and do some fun activities, all with the goal of forming relationships.

Because of the friendships built at connections, many go do life and have fun together, encourage each other, challenge each other in their spiritual growth, and spur one another on. It's as simple as that!

The church is comparable to a body made up of many parts, that is, people who know each other beyond acquaintance. But acquaintance is what we often get with the Sunday morning "hey, how's it going, great..." types of interactions. We want to go beyond the superficial and be a people who follow Jesus by encouraging, accepting, loving and caring for one another.

So, we look forward to seeing you at the next connection!

When & Where?


Monthly; Every 2nd Friday, 6-8pm

Newsong Windsor


Monthly; Every 4th Friday, 6-8pm

Newsong Windsor

*Connections are occasionally off campus.

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